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Top Quest Inc., founded in 2013 with a goal of changing the U.S. market and move from the current state which views samurai products as ornamental into something better, to craft and create utility at many different levels beyond just show and tell, and to carry the spirit of the true samurai.

DEFCON brand is created under Top Quest Inc. to push the forward thinking of the founder Sam Sung whom created several trademark and patents during his 20 years career in the swords and
knife industry. Our focus is to bring high quality products through research and development with innovating and exciting design. With our founder’s unique experience in the industry, we are able to improve on the knife manufacturing process as well as building a stronger connection and foundation with our friends and families in the knife industry including many great knife smiths from the American Bladesmith Society.

This spirit of innovation and improvement will continue into the future and will result in new and exciting products such as the products recently released and also new products that are currently being developed. We welcome a relationship with you as we continue to design, produce, and carry new and innovative products in the future.

Top Quest Inc. brands include DEFCON (Jungle Knife, Proelia, Hydra, PAN), S-TEC, SABER SHOGUN, SPARKFOAM, and RYUJIN Samurai Sword.

We also welcome companies to consider us as OEM partners.

Defcon JK series model AGENT
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